ISSUE 36 / SPRING 1985


Priscilla Pitts, Auckland;  Susan Foster, Wellington
Jonathon Smart, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Priscilla Pitts  Anzart 1985

Francis Pound  Robert Jesson

Michael Dunn  Mervyn Williams: A Vision of Light

Sheridan Keith  Denys Watkins

Michael Pearce  Hot 

Ian Wedde  Don Peebles: Between Chance and Intention

C. Barton  Claudia Pond Eyley: A Question of Representation

James McNeish  The Greek Experience: A Conversation with David Kennedy

William Dart  Printmaking 1985

Grahame Sydney  Dunedin's Carnegie Centre

Jack Body  New Zealand Graphic Scores

Peter Shaw  The Good Cottage: J. W Chapman-Taylor's Housebooks

Ann Elias  The Transfield Project