ISSUE 33 / SUMMER 1984-5



    Cheryll Sotheran, Auckland;  Susan Foster, Wellington
    Evan Webb, Christchurch;  Louise Wilton, Dunedin

Warwick Brown  Ingrid Banwell

J.M. Thomson  Para Matchitt's Design for an Opera

Hirini Moko Mead  Te Maori in New York

Michael Spens  Meaning, Excellence & Purpose: ANZART in Edinburgh 

Alexa M. Johnston  Victoria Edwards: Extending the Limits of the Printmaking Media

Stephen Ellis  Artists in Auckland University's Arts/Commerce Block

Ian Wedde  Robert Franken: The Trader Aesthetic

Michael Dunn  The Other Expatriate

Peter Shaw  Louis Hay: Napier and the Chicago School 

Dugald Page  Brian Gartside: A Continuing Dialogue with Clay

Gwen Stacey  Kiwi Olympians


    The Pre-Raphaelites

    Drawing and Painting: A Complete Study Course for New Zealanders by Elva Bett

    Art of the Nineteenth Century :Painting and Sculpture By Robert Rosenblum and H.W. Janson