ISSUE 32 / SPRING 1984



    Cheryll Sotheran, Auckland;  Avenal McKinnon, Wellington
    Evan Webb, Christchurch;  Louise Wilton, Dunedin

Louise Wilton  Art in Dunedin

Bridie Lonie  Peter Nicholls

Priscilla Pitts  New Women Artists at the Govett-Brewster 

Ann Calhoun  Aspects of New Zealand Art 1890-1940

Leonard Bell  Anxious Images

Laurence Simmons  Tables/Tableaux: Some Recent Work by Terry Stringer

Ray Thorburn  Full Circle: Paintings by Melvin Day

Michael Dunn  Theo Schoon: Photographs of the Thermal Regions 

Roger Blackley  Lance-Sergeant John Williams: Military Topographer of the Northern War 

Gordon H. Brown  A Gisbome Printmakers Group

Peter Wells  Documentary Cinema in the Making


   Working Men by Glenn Busch 
   Figures of Motion Len Lye Selected Writings
   The Art of Fotis and Lydia Sarris