ISSUE 30 / AUTUMN 1984



Malcolm Ross  Chris Booth's Nga Tamariki a Tane

Elizabeth Eastmond  Bronwynne Cornish's Dedicated to the Kindness of Mothers

J.P. Webster  Hilda Wiseman at Selwyn Studio

Michael Dunn  The Paintings of Glenda Randerson

Ian Wedde  Glenn Jowitt's Drama of Consent

Gordon H. Brown  The Pursuit of Modernism in the 1940s and Early 1950s

Avenal McKinnon  Leo Bensemann

Tony Mitchell  Vincent Ward: The Eloquence of Isolation

Gordon H. Brown  Gillian Chaplin and Barbara Tuck: Prints and an Installation: Photographic Dreams

Alexa M. Johnston  Double Doors

Ross Fraser  Gabrielle Hope 1916-1962 

Leonard Bell  The New Zealand Paintings of Commander R.A Oliver (1811-1889)

R.C.J. Stone  A Victorian Friendship & Auckland's First School of Art

Sheridan Keith  The Whitecliffe Art School

Beverly Simmons  The Team McMillan Ford Art Award

The History of the N.Z. Academy of Fine Arts 1882 - 1982 reviewed by MICHAEL DUNN
   Stained Glass Windows in New Zealand Houses and Corrugated Iron in New Zealand
reviewed by PETER SHAW
   Art and Artists of Oceania
reviewed by PAT HOHEPA
   Art: A History of Changing Style
reviewed by ANDREW BOGLE