ISSUE 27 / WINTER 1983



    Cheryll Sotheran, Auckland;  Avenal McKinnon, Wellington
    Evan Webb, Christchurch;  Joanna Margaret Paul, Dunedin

E. H. McCormick  Woman and Child: A note on a Motif in the Paintings of Frances Hodgkins

Anthony Mackie  Ian Hunter's Hot Spots

Diana Bagnall  Alternative Projections: The High-voltage Assemblages of Diana Lee-Gobbitt

Sheridan Keith  Anne Noble's Wanganui

Rosemary Hemmings  New Facilities for Print-makers: The Atelier; Portfolio Gallery

Barbara Strathdee  Debra Bustin

Michael Dunn  Rudolf Gopas: A Teacher and Painter in Retrospect

Anne Kirker  T. A. McCormack: A New Talent to Emerge in the Nineteen-Thirties

Campbell Smith  The Prospect Collection

Leonard Bell  Putting the Record Straight: Gordon Walters 1944-1982

Roger Blackley  J. Guise Mitford: A topographical painter of the Nineteen-Forties

Rodney Wilson  The Reconstruction of the Auckland City Art Gallery

   Lucian Freud
Text by Lawrence Gowing, reviewed by Ronald Brownson
   Bill Brandt Portraits, reviewed by Ronald Brownson
   A World History Of Art
by Hugh Honour & John Fleming, reviewed by Andrew Martin