ISSUE 26 / AUTUMN 1983



Cheryll Sotheran  Replacing Women in Art History

Elizabeth Eastmond  Carole Shepheard in Full Flight

Grace Adams  Afternoon Tea With Olivia Spencer Bower

Priscilla Pitts  Evelyn Page: Reflecting the Human Presence

Janet Paul  What Makes Rita Angus Different?

Robin Woodward  The Sculpture of Molly Macalister

Ann Elias  The Landscape Paintings of Rata Lovell Smith

Priscilla Pitts  Gretchen Albrecht: The Early Years

Bruce Birdling  Emily Pace

Anne Kirker  Vivian Lynn

Chris Parr  Acts of Inclusion: The Spirit of Philippa Blair's Painting

Tony Bellette  Joanna Paul: Words and Pictures

Michael Dunn   The University of Auckland Art Collection

Andrew Martin  Visualising a New Theatre

Elizabeth Eastmond  Maria Olsen at R K S

Barbara Strathdee  Women Artists at the F 1 Sculpture Project



     The Dance Photography Of Carl Van Vechten by Paul Padgette reviewed by William Dart

    Rita Angus: Essays by various authors reviewed by Ross Fraser

   Up-&-Coming Art Publications Rosemary Hemmings