ISSUE 24 / WINTER 1982



    Gordon Brown, Auckland;  Rosemary Hemmings Auckland; Ray Thorburn, Wellington;
    Michael Thomas, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Sheridan Keith  John Eaden

Anne Kirker  John Drawbridge: From Print To Construction

Ann Calhoun  Two Wellington Entrepreneurs of the 'Thirties: The Murray Fullers: II Mary Murray Fuller

The Fourth Biennale of Sydney, commentary by Roger Blackley, Peter Wells & Denys Watkins  

New Zealand Cinema:

Rosemary Hemmings   Strata: A Film by Geoff Steven and John Maynard

William Dart  Kiwi Rural Gothic: An Interview with Sam Pillsbury

Roger Horrocks  Twenty Years of Experimental Films

Alexa Johnston  Alexis Hunter

John Parker  The Fletcher Brownbuilt Pottery Award: Ten Years in Retrospect

R. P. Hargreaves  The First New Zealand Lithographs


   English Art & Modernism 1900-1939 by Charles Harrison reviewed by Gordon H Brown

   Rosa Bonheur: A life and a Legend by Dore Ashton reviewed by Michael Dunn