ISSUE 22 SUMMER 1981-2




Gordon H. Brown, Auckland;  Leonard Bell, Auckland
Andrew Martin, Wellington;  Michael Thomas, Christchurch; 
Peter Leech, Dunedin

Francis Pound  The New Image Painters

Melvin N. Day  The Rotorua Connection: John Weeks & Wilfred Stanley Wallis

John Weeks: Career and Credo

E. H. McCormick  Frances Hunt 1890-1981 A Personal Note

Ann Kirker  Mary Chamot & The First Fifty Years, an Interview

Rosemary Hemmings  Fingers: The Apotheosis of the Paua

Wystan Curnow  Billy Apple. Points of View: RKS Art

Andrew Bogle  Chance in Art 2

The Auckland City Art Gallery Newsletter

William Dart  Darien Takle's Portrait of Frances Hodgkins


   New Zealand Painting 1940-1960 by Gordon H. Brown reviewed by William Dart
Nicholas Chevalier: Artist by Melvin N. Day reviewed by Duncan Cameron
Photoforum : Number 48 reviewed by Bruce Weatherall