Paul Hewson, John Tarlton, Leonard Bell, Ross Fraser
Wystan Curnow, Neil Rowe, T.L. Rodney Wilson, John Caselberg

RJS Withers  Comment: Victor Papanek and Community Participation in the Created Environment

Denys Trussell  The Two Worlds of Omai

John Caselberg  Going on Alone: Recent Acquisitions at the Hocken Library

Peter Peryer: The photograph as a portrait of the self

Colin McCahon: His Work Spanning Four Decades

Gordon H. Brown  Colin McCahon: A Basis for Understanding

Luit Bieringa  There is only One Direction. . . .

John Caselberg  Towards a Promised Land

Peter McLeavey  When I First Heard Colin McCahon's Name

Brenda Gamble  Colin McCahon as Colleague and Friend

Neil Rowe  Notes Towards a McCahon ABC

Claudia Eyley  Colin McCahon as a Teacher

Tim Garrity  Colin McCahon: A Reflection

Wystan Curnow  Thinking About Colin McCahon & Barnett Newman

Phillip Wilson  The Petroglyphs of Tongaporutu: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Janet Paul  Twelve Watercolours of Glaciers in The Province of Canterbury

Jane Greenwood  Saleroom


   Omai: Pacific Envoy by E.H. McCormick reviewed by Leonard Bell

    Mirror of the Invisible World: Tales From the Khamseh of Nizami reviewed by Maurine Rothschild

    Impressionists and Impressionism by Maria and Godfrey Blunden reviewed by Ernest Smith