ISSUE 7 August/September/October 1977


Anthony Green, Leonard Bell, Terence Hogan, John Tarlton
Denys Trussell, Michael Dunn, Alistair Paterson, John Caselberg

Denys Trussell  Editorial: Landscape, Civilization and New Zealanders

Wystan Curnow  Art Places: The New York Scene 1977

Nicholas Spill  Opening the New Manawatu Art Gallery

Ernest Smith Proposes a National Art Bank

John Caselberg  The Whales' Song, photographs by Ian Macdonald 

Artists and The Environment: Barry Brickell; Robin White; Michael Smither; Don Binney; Grahame Sydney; Colin McCahon 

Roger Blackley  New Light on Alfred Sharpe

Michael Pritchard  Auckland: The Aesthetics of an Urban Environment


  Juan Gris by Juan Antonio Gaya-Nuno reviewed by Gordon Brown

  A Sense of Place: the Artist and the American Land by Allan Gussow reviewed by Jillian Smith

  Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art by John Szarkowski reviewed by John B. Turner