ISSUE 15 / AUTUMN 1980



Gordon H. Brown, Auckland; Neil Rowe, Wellington
John Coley, Christchurch; Peter Leech, Dunedin

Ross Fraser Edith Marion Collier: 1885 to 1964

Paul Little The Aotea Square Water Sculpture

Saul Klein The Emergence of Real Pictures

Andrew Martin Road People of Aotearoa: Paul Gilbert's Photographic Series

Megan Jenkinson Christine Lloyd-Fitt: Images of Reflection and Confrontation

Wystan Curnow Billy Apple: The Given as an Art-Political Statement

Brian McNeill Chris Booth's Design for the Theatre

Rose Duncan The Penrose High School Collection: an experiment in art education

John Caselberg Havens for Art: Nelson, Dunedin and the Growth of Local Art

Richard Nunns The Bishop Suter Memorial Art Gallery

John Caselberg Woollaston: Paintings and Drawings at the Suter


Art of the Pacific reviewed by Terry Stringer

New Zealand Painting Since 1960 by Peter Cape reviewed by Gordon H Brown