ISSUE 14 / SUMMER 1979-80



John Tarlton, Paul Little, John Tarlton, Tom Hutchins,
Peter Ireland, Steve Ellis, Neil Rowe, Michael Thomas

Michael Dunn Henry Fuseli and the British

Colin McCahon and Una Platts Molly Macalister: 1920 to 1979

Three Playwrights: Roger Hall, Joe Musaphia, Brian McNeill

Brian McNeill Sons for the Return Home

Diana Ward Jack Winter's Dream

Summer Theatre

Andrew Bogle Some Contemporary New Zealand Printmakers and their Processes of Work

Patrick Hanly: a conversation with Hamish Keith

R.H. Thomas Saint Barnabas: the history of Selwyn's private chapel


Charles Blomfield: His Life and Times by Muriel Williams and Pictures of Southern New Zealand by Roger Collins reviewed by Michael Dunn

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney: A Biography by B.H. Friedman reviewed by Maurine Rotschild