ISSUE 13 / SPRING 1979



John Tarlton, Wystan Curnow, Gordon Brown, Andrew Martin,
Paul Little, Rhondda Bosworth, Paul Hewson, Desmond Kelly,
John Caselberg, Neil Rowe and Michael Thomas

Paul Hewson The 'coloured' photographs of Megan Jenkinson

Stephen Ellis The Sculptures of Terry Stringer

Wystan Curnow The Sydney Biennale

Mike Nicolaidi John Reid and the Film of Middle Age Spread

Howard McNaughton Arrivals and Departures: The Directorship of the Court Theatre, Christchurch

Brian McNeill The Theatre of Ngaio Marsh

Ian Fraser Some Reflections on Style at Downstage

Ian Scott talks about his Lattice Series

M.N. Day Wilfred Stanley Wallis

Michael Dunn Frozen Flame & Slain Tree

Heather Curnow The New Zealand Paintings of William Strutt


The Sense of Order by E.H. Gombrich reviewed by Michael Dunn

People by Alfred Eisenstadt; Reeling by Pauline Kael reviewed by William Dart