ISSUE 89 / SUMMER 1998-99



     Brett Levine, Auckland;  Damian Skinner, Wellington
Dorothée Pauli, Christchurch; Rob Garrett, Dunedin

Gerald Barnett  Remembering Toss: Sir Tosswill Woollaston 1910-1998

Richard Wolfe  Tracing on Stone: Tony Fomison ' s Lithographs at Muka

Miriam Harris  Telling Stories: The Stedelijk Saga 

Nicola Green  Amphetamine Queens: Recent Work by Alexis Hunter 

Susan Foster  The Theatrical Frame: A Conversation with Austin Davies

David Cross  A Walk along the Faultline: The Art of Chris Heaphy

Robin Woodward  The Artist's Hand and Eye: Terry Stringer's Personal Museum

Luit Bieringa  The Fact of the Matter: Siting Les Cleveland

John Hurrell  Sellotape on Metal in Video: David Clegg in Hamilton

Ngarino Ellis  Sir Apirana Ngata and the School of Maori Arts

Leoni Schmidt  In Need of Archives: Recent Work by Lloyd Godman

David Eggleton  Grog's Own Country: Trevor Moffitt in Gore

Richard Wolfe  Trains & Boats & Planes: Transports of Delight in New Zealand Art

Mark Stocker  Something Beautiful for God: The Sculpture of Ria Bancroft