ISSUE 88 / SPRING 1998


Justin Paton, Auckland;  Aaron  Lister, Wellington
     Dorothée Pauli, Christchurch; Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Andrea Daly  Korero A Te Whatu: The Persuasive Object

Damian Skinner  Lest We Forget: Memory and the Mercer War Memorial

Elizabeth Hartrick  Support and Sustenance: The Olivia Spencer Bower Foundation

Warren Feeney  Traversing the Urban Landscape: The Art of Ross Gray

Chad Taylor  Slap-Happy: New Work by Ken Robinson

Riemke Ensing  Flesh and Vulnerability: Recent Work by Mary McIntyre

Peter Simpson  Thinking in Stone: John Edgar's Lie of the Land

Robert Leonard  Some Sun, Some Mist, Some Shadow: A Conversation with Rudi Fuchs

Joanna Margaret Paul  Every Angel is Terrible: Peter Ireland's Sampler Paintings

Mark Derby  Summer Memories: Art on the Beach 1998

Judith McKay  Ellis Rowan: An Australian Flower Painter in New Zealand

Francis Pound Honouring Hattaway: The Murmurings of Modernism