ISSUE 87 / WINTER 1998


Justin Paton, Auckland;  Aaron  Lister, Wellington
     Dorothée Pauli, Christchurch; Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Mark Kirby  Art as Fashion, Fashion as Art: Deborah Crowe & Kim Fraser

Ron Brownson  Andy Lelei: Conversation at the Dead Mango Studio

David Hill  Hits and Myths: John McLean 's Taranaki

Peter Shand  An Eye for Detail: Surveying the Art of Carole Shepheard

Vaughan Gunson  Drawing Some Universals: Recent Work by Nancy de Freitas

David Eggleton  Russell Moses: Clear and Open

Peter Simpson  Chaos Contained: The Art of Richard Lewer

Christina Barton  Pushing the Envelope: Developments at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Richard Wolfe  Painting in the Background: Artists Working in the Museums of New Zealand

Miriam Harris  David Low and the Art of Political Caricature

Hugh Maguire On the Margin: John Kavanagh, Sculptor (1903-84)