ISSUE 83 / WINTER 1997



     Brett Levine, Auckland;  Louise Garrett, Wellington
Rob Garrett, Dunedin

Peter Shand  Transfusion: the Hong Kong Connection

Gregory O'Brien  Little Rotter: The Progress of a 'Serious Artiste' - Dick Frizzell Mid-Career

Linda Tyler  Badges of Courage

Sarah Gibson  Circus of Angels: Recent Work by Christine Webster

Richard Wolfe  Civil and Civic: The Urban View of George Baloghy

Tim Walker  Murray Grimsdale: Three Decades Hard Labour

Kyla McFarlane  One Night of Love: The Photographic Vision of Fiona Pardington

Peter Simpson  Don Peebles at 75: Alive and Working Among Us 

Paul Sorrell  Jane Eyre, Auckland Artist (1874-1952) 

Donald Bassett  Felix Kelly: An Introduction