ISSUE 80 / SPRING 1996


Damian Skinner, Auckland;
Britt Romstad, Christchurch; Rob Garrett, Dunedin

Justin Paton Low Job: Nine Noters on the Subcultural Swoon

Riemke Ensing On the Way: Postcards across the World

D.H. Binney Healing Imagery: Recent Paintings by Henry Symonds

Gregory O'Brien Free/Standing: Sculptor Paul Dibble in Wellington

Claudia Bell Personal Effects: Clive Stone (Re)collects Himself

Derek Schulz Licensed to Kill: Matt Pine Charts the Death of Our Species

Sarah Pink and Rob Garrett Kim Pieters

Paula Green A Matrix of Movement: The Sculptures of Charlotte Fisher

David Brown Breathing Space: Club 47 Photographed by Fiona Clark

Mei Hurrell Dorothy Kate Richmond 1861-1935

Julie King Landmarks: The Landscape Paintings of Doris Lusk

Grant Banbury The Portraits of Doris Lusk

Richard Wolfe Passing Through: Paul Gauguin Shows Up In Auckland