ISSUE 79 / WINTER 1996


    Damian Skinner, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
    Justin Paton, Christchurch;  Rob Garrett, Dunedin

Ross Fraser (1935-1996): Founding Editor, Art New Zealand

Peter Beatson  Angels with Goggles: Phill Rooke, Artist in Community

Elizabeth Caldwell  What Now? Art for an Accelerated Culture

Joanne Drayton  Linda James: Disegno Interno & the Female Nude

Christina Barton  Vivian Lynn's Semi(r)otics

Riemke Ensing  All things flow. . . Recent Work by Marte Szirmay

Donald Bassett  Margins: New Paintings by Peter Wichman

Peter Hughes  A Creative Partnership: Blackwood and Janet Paul, 1945-68

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki  Cultural Safety: Contemporary New Zealand Art in Germany

Jane Zusters  On the Edge: The Controversial Career of Gerry Nigro

Ngahuia re Awekotuku  Forgiving, But Never Forgetting: Shared Visions
at the Auckland City Art Gallery