ISSUE 72 / SPRING 1994


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
Justin Paton, Christchurch;  Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Elizabeth Grierson Louise Henderson (1902-1994) 

Anna Miles Soundwatch '94 

Jonathan Bywater Getting the Attention: Tales Untold in Christchurch 

Mark A. Southcombe Roger Peters: The Wrestlers' Ball 1 

Joanna Paul Roger Peters: The Wrestlers' Ball 2 

Richard Wolfe Heightening the Allusion: Recent Paintings by Paul Jackson 

Stephen Zepke Enmeshed: Recent Work by Christopher Braddock 

Allan Smith Michael Parekowhai: Kiss the Baby Goodbye 

Jim Barr & Mary Barr Time Caught into Memory: The Vision of Gordon Crook 

Kate Darrow Sylvia Siddell: The Slaughter of the Innocents 

Cassandra M. Fusco Making Relations: Translations of Form and Forces by Graham Bennett 

Tony Martin Albert McCarthy: Rock me baby, this ain't no chocolate box affair 

A.J. Wright R.N. Field and the Public: The Theoretical Basis of Early New Zealand Modernism

Claire J. Regnault Witchery, History & Umberto Eco: The Art of Bronwyn Taylor 

Paul Rayner A Conversation with Bill Milbank 

Roger Neich Jacob William Heberley: Maori Carver to the Establishment