ISSUE 69 / SUMMER 1993-94


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
Justin Paton, Christchurch;  Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Michael Dunn  National Identities: The First Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

Ngapine Allen  A New Context: Contemporary Maori Art at Waitangi

Alice Refiti  Shopland Framing the Six O 'Clock News: Kon Dimopoulos jn Auckland

Jim Barr & Mary Barr  Get Real: Recent Paintings by Michael Smither

Cilla McQueen  Notes on the Work of Marilynn Webb

Linda Tyler  Painterly Empathy in the Recent Work of Wallace Crossman

Sheenagh Gleeson  Lives of Commitment: Daughters of the Land Nga Uri
        Wahine A Hineahuone

Julie Roberts  Redress & Re-address: Two Events for Suffrage Year

Claire Regnault & Kate Woodall  The Canterbury Contribution:
Celebrations for Suffrage Year

D.H.Binney  The Male Nude: Four Recent Representations

Anna Crichton  The Portraits of Alan Pearson

Jacqueline Clarke  Esther Morgan Leigh

Terry Ingram  The Passion of a Lifetime: Dr Neville Hogg's Collection Falls
Under the Hammer

Richard Wolfe  Primitive Perceptions: Changing Attitudes towards Pacific Art