ISSUE 68 / SPRING 1993


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
Justin Paton, Christchurch;  Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Michael Dunn  Eric Lee-Johnson (1908-1993)

Sophie Jerram  New Strategies in the Art Market

Christina Barton  Ten Years On: Reviewing the Terrain for Women in Art in New Zealand

Julie King  Implantations: An Installation by Denise Copland

D.H.Binney  Agnes Wood: Mostly People

Ngapine Tamihana  Te Ao Pu Manawa: The Heart on the Margins

Marian Evans  The Spirit of Blueskin Bay: Lesbian Artists at Okahau

Linda Tyler  Glenys Brookbanks: An Economy of Means

Ewen McDonald  Process, Procession, Possession: Christine Webster's Black Carnival

Kate Darrow  Paint for Your Life: A Conversation with Philippa Blair

Wendy Vaigro  Corporeal Mapping: Three Works by Carole Shepheard

Clare Regnault In the Face of Adversity: Lithographs by Jule Einhorn

Ngahuia Te Awekotuku  He Take Ano: Another Take-Conversations with Lisa Reihana

Damian Skinner  Kathryn Madill & Vivian Ward: Adult Fairy Tales
and the Urban Adventure

 Ngahuia Te Awekotuku Kura Te Waru Rewiri

Don Bassett  Joan Smith: Painter & Designer

Gordon Maitland  Amy Harper & Her Studios

Ann Calhoun  Chrystabel & Florence: A Sculptor & a Design Teacher

Linda Gill The Letters of Frances Hodgkins

Kate Woodall  The Importance of Christchurch in the Women ' s Art Movement
in New Zealand