ISSUE 67 / WINTER 1993


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
Pat Unger, Christchurch;  Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

Gregory O'Brien  Astonish Me: Edward Lucie-Smith in Wellington

Ross Cunningham  Gaining Interest: Auditor's Report

Justin Paton  Improbable Provinces: Prospect Canterbury '92

Gregory Burke  The Boundary Rider: The 9th Biennale of Sydney

Pamela Gerrish Nunn & Marian Evans  In and Out of the Closet: Lesbian and Gay Art
in Dunedin

Rob Taylor  Tiki: The Return of Dennis Knight Turner

John Daly Peoples  John Barnett & Lesley Kaiser: Is It Necessary to Draw the Line

Tony Martin  John Bevan Ford: Te Hono ki Zeelandia Nova

Riemke Ensing  Nigel Brown: Living in Aotearoa

Diana Renker  Reflections: Recent Paintings by Max Gimblett

Peter Simpson J.S.Parker: Plain Song Journey Through

Ted Bracey  Tim Croucher: Public Art and Private Art with a Public Face

Jill Trevelyan  Leonard Mitchell: A Cautionary Tale

Leonard Bell John Logan Campbell (1817-1912): A Career in Images

Mark Stocker  Glenn Busch: Photographer and Writer

Adam Gifford & Paul Simei-Barton  Scarred Landscapes: South Island Photographs
by Mark Adams