ISSUE 65 / SUMMER 1992-93


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington
Pat Unger, Christchurch;  Louise Wilton, Dunedin

Conal McCarthy  Headlands Assessed

Damian Skinner  A Question of Control: Three Young Sculptors

John Scott  Crossings: The Journey of an Indigenous Man

Stuart A. McKenzie  Jim Barr & Mary Barr: We're changing more than our name

Richard Dale  The Innocent Domain: The Paintings of Yvonne Coleman

Linda Tyler Playing with Display: Jenny Dolezel' s Art of Spectacle

Peter Turner Paradox, Photography & Peter Black

Norman Bilbrough  The Wild Photographs of Mary MacPherson

Christina Barton  David Tremlett at Artspace: A Model for Cultural Exchange

C. Brian Smith  John Johns Photographer

Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins & G. Elliot Reid  Artiture 1992

Keith Hill  InterDigitate

Julie Roberts  The Role of the Art Museum: The Auckland City Art Gallery