ISSUE 58 / AUTUMN 1991


Gary Wilby   Sexuality, Nature and Spirituality: The Photography of Kevin Capon 

John Daly Peoples   Art and Nature: Recent Work by Martin Ball 

Allan Smith   Stephen Bambury: New Paintings from Europe 

Apirana Taylor & Rod Burke   Kohia ko Taikaka Anake at the National Art Gallery 

Blair French   Wayne Seyb 

Cassandra M. Fusco   One Pacific Viewpoint: The Work of Michael Reed 

Peter Ireland   The Art of Patronage: Reflections on the United/Sarjeant Photographic Award 

Vickie Hearnshaw   James McLauchlan Nairn: The Glasgow Years 

Anne-Marie Davison   G. P. Nerli and Frances Hodgkins: The Dunedin Years 

David Eggleton   David Mann: Photography as Engagement 

Elizabeth Grierson   Changing with the Times: The Auckland Society of Arts 

Ian Wedde   Leon van den Eijkel: The Pathology of Space