ISSUE 57 / SUMMER 1990-91


John Daly Peoples, Auckland;  Rod Burke, Wellington
Pat Unger, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Pat Unger  Tom Kreisler in Christchurch 

IanWedde  The Art of Barbara Strathdee: What You See is What You Read 

Peter Gilderdale  Ken Robinson: Beyond Duality 

Anne Kirker  Andrew Drummond in Queensland 

Bridget Sutherland  The Fearless Five Hundred: The World of Elizabeth Thomson 

D. H. Binney  In and Upon: Iron Part Two 

Bridie Lonie  Sacred Allegories: The Paintings of Louise Marmont

Wynne Colgan  The Paintings of Nelson Thompson 

John Roberts  The Historic Moment: 'Art & Organized Labour' at the Wellington City Art Gallery 

Gregory O'Brien  On and Around Creation: The Hand-made Books of Alan Loney 

Roger Neich  The Maori Carving Art of Tene Waitere, Traditionalist and Innovator