ISSUE 56 / SPRING 1990


John Daly Peoples, Auckland;  Rod Burke, Wellington
Pat Unger, Christchurch

Elizabeth Caldwell  Rosemary Campbell

Blair French  Model Images: The Recent Photography of Ronnie van Rout 

Garth Cartwright  Chris Booth 

Jane Griffin  Simon McIntyre: Landscape and Environment 

Peter Leech  The Nominal and the Numinous: The 1990 Moet& Chandon Exhibition

Alan Smith  Ways to Do More and More: Recent Paintings by Robert McLeod 

Margreta Chance  The Water Bearers: Recent Work by Maria Olsen

Tom Weston  Passion and Responsibility: The Paintings of Joanna Braithwaite

Roger Blackley  The Portraits of Joseph Merrett 

Pamela Gerrish Nunn  Frances Hodgkins: The Arrival in Context 

D. H. Binney  Elam after a Century

John Roberts  The New Museum of New Zealand: Thoughts on Museological Strategies

Wystan Curnow  The Readymade Boomerang: A Visit to the 8th Sydney Biennale

Francis Pound  Gazing at Tahunanui: The Mythology of the Rural