Peter Webb (1933–2019)

Exhibitions 46
Bronwyn Lloyd; Kriselle Baker; Peter Simpson; Don Abbott; Malcolm Burgess; Jasmine Gallagher; Edward Hanfling

Oblong as an Egg, Flat as a Stone, Deep as a Jungle: Bruce Connew Talks with Sophia Powers

Hanahiva Rose The Wider Village: Edith Amituanai at the Adam Art Gallery

Michael Dunn Be Kind: Jack Trolove’s Tenderise

Peter Shand Accumulating Subtractions: Judy Millar in Switzerland

Jon Bywater Facts & Figures: Dane Mitchell’s Post Hoc at Venice

Priscilla Pitts In Pursuit of Greatness: Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys

Peter Ireland Back Story: John B. Turner’s Johnsonville Series

David Eggleton Memorialist of the Migrant Odyssey: Andy Leleisi’uao’s Kamoan Mine

Cassandra Fusco Concerns, Large & Small: Photographs by Heather Milne

Don Bassett Form Follows Fantasy: The Futuro House in New Zealand