ISSUE 102 / SPRING 2002


David Eggleton The Skull Orchard: Paintings by Jeffrey Harris

Lisa Beaven Taking Flight: The Airborne and Hybrid Images of Joanna Braithwaite

New Sights New Sites: A Review of Art in Te Papa

Deidre Brown Affirming a Legacy: Purangiaho Seeing Clearly

Lisa Reihana Flipping & Gliding, Grinning & Flying: The Art of John Walsh

Bridie Lonie & Susan Ballard Teresa Andrew: On Moving

Moyra Elliott Past Experience: Christine Boswijk in Nelson

Wendy Grace Dawson Visualising with Mr Bean: The Second Goodman Suter Contemporary Art Project

Michael Dunn Theo Schoon: Outsider Artist. Reminiscences of a Friend and Mentor

Lawrence McDonald Mondo Illingworth: A Tourist in Paradise Lost: The Art of Michael Illingworth

Mark Stocker Maurice Askew: From Coronation Street to Birdlings Flat

Peter Simpson McCahon' s A Candle in a Dark Room: A Postscript